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What is the MTMA?
The Muskoka Tourism Marketing Agency is the region's official Destination Marketing Organization (DMO). It is a not–for–profit, membership-based association.

Vision: Muskoka Tourism will be the driving force behind Muskoka's tourism industry, as Ontario's most progressive Destination Marketing Organization

Mission: Muskoka Tourism will create marketing excitement that inspires visitors to choose Muskoka first and often as Ontario's "must-experience" destination

In doing so, the MTMA provides three main services:

  • Visitor Services
  • Membership Services
  • Marketing Services

Visitor Services
Muskoka Tourism operates two strategically located Visitor Centres, one on Highway 11 just north of Severn Bridge and one at historic Bressette House in Port Severn just off Highway 400. Our skilled and friendly travel counsellors handle visitor inquiries from our 1-800 phone number, through email or snail-mail and face-to-face, helping visitors or groups plan the perfect stay.

Membership Services
We work closely with our members, providing referral services with our visitors, media relations, and communicating new marketing opportunities on a regular basis. We also work within the industry and all levels of government to create strong partnerships that benefit all tourism operators in Muskoka.

Marketing Services
Our Marketing Services include our social media publicity, cooperative marketing programs, bulk brochure distributions, public relations, media relations, trade shows, FAM tours and much more.  Basic Membership in the MTMA is free and consists of a basic listing on our website (company name & phone number only). However, we think you'll want to invest in an Enhanced Membership.

What does an Enhanced Membership get me?
Any business in the District of Muskoka is eligible to become a member of the MTMA. Membership in Muskoka Tourism is quite affordable and comes with many benefits:

Visitor Referral Services
Our travel counsellors welcome over 40,000 people a year into our Visitor Centres, and deal with thousands of email, telephone and in-person inquiries. Quite simply, they match up visitors with member services and products.

Brochure Display
One of the simplest and most effective benefits of Membership is the opportunity to display your brochures to those 40,000 people a year passing through our Visitor Centres.

Media Relations & FAM Tours
Muskoka Tourism annually fulfills hundreds of inquiries from all forms of media; print, broadcast and online. We provide information, story ideas, photographs, and provide interviews to showcase what's new and what's special in Muskoka. We issue Media Releases, and post Member Media Releases on our website. We also help with any Media FAM Tours to the region, making sure the opportunity to participate is open to all interested Members.

Discovermuskoka.ca Website
One of the best reasons to join Muskoka Tourism is our state-of-the-art interactive website, www.discovermuskoka.ca. Not only is the site full of information on Muskoka, great downloads and contests, but every single Enhanced Member has a full online listing on the site.
Your online listing includes your logo, a full description of your business, lists your upcoming events, and displays all your contact info and links directly to your website and email. Members have access to a special back-end where you can manage your listing content and get up-to-date on industry news and information.  There are also many opportunities to upgrade your presence on the site with photos, packages, and banner ads, all at significantly lower costs than other suppliers.

Discover Muskoka App
30% of our online visitors access our website from a mobile or handheld device. With this trend expected to continue into the future, Muskoka Tourism has developed an app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. As a member of Muskoka Tourism, you receive a free listing on our app, which includes contact information, links to your website, and GPS directions to your business.

Facebook & Twitter
With our growing social media channels, you can have your events, specials, images, and any other tourism-related information posted on our Facebook page or tweeted to our followers on Twitter.

Advocacy on Key Issues
Muskoka Tourism provides advocacy on key issues that affect the local tourism industry.

Muskoka Tourism Cooperative Marketing Programs
Muskoka Tourism offers a number of Cooperative Marketing Programs. These are opportunities that allow you to buy-in to various programs at the lowest possible cost.

Discovery Guide and Map Publications
Alongside the website, the Discovery Guide and Map are our one-two punch in the visitor market. We distribute 75,000 copies of each into Travel Centres and CAA offices throughout Ontario, through AAA offices in the U.S. Border States, and at Trade Shows. On top of that, another 75,000 copies are downloaded annually from our website, increasing our distribution by a full 100%.

Spring and Fall Bulk Distributions
This is your opportunity to distribute your brochures to Travel Info Centres, CAA & AAA offices in Canada and the U.S. Border States, for a very reasonable fee.

Trade Shows
We attend a few select Trade Shows every year, and make the opportunity available to Members to come join us and enjoy the increased visibility. Members can also borrow Muskoka-branded and easy-to-use Trade Show Booth for any other shows that you may be attending. Choose from a Four-Season version or a special winter version.

Cooperative Advertising
We do external advertising campaigns in print and online media whenever we can, and participation from members makes this possible.

Running contests on Discovermuskoka.ca helps us capture info on qualified leisure travellers and boosts your profile and image.

Innovative New & Special Marketing Projects
We also work with funding partners like FedNor or the Ministry of Tourism and Culture on special marketing programs. With matching funds from our membership we are able to produce special projects such as Marketing Research projects.

Where can I find out more?
Anytime you wish to find out more about Muskoka Tourism, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 1–800–267–9700.