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2016 guide

Water Adventures in Muskoka

Find Your Fun on Muskoka's Pristine Lakes

Muskoka's lakes are considered by many to be the best in Ontario. With over 2000 sparkling, clean lakes and some 14,000 kms of spectacular shoreline, it is no wonder why activiities on the water are so popular here! Millions of visitors flock to Muskoka on an annual basis to take part in our water adventures. With no two lakes the same in Muskoka, you will be amazed to find cliffs, islands and rugged granite shorelines on the same lake as a beautiful sandy beach.

The clean waters in Muskoka are perfect for a summers' swim. Find a beach or release your inhibitions and dive in off the dock! The stunning surroundings of the lakes make the region perfect for a boat cruise, with six companies hosting tours, from dinner cruises to sightseeing cruises. If fishing is your sport, you can cast out and reel in from a boat or off the dock, with popular (and plentiful) fish species in all major lakes. If you enjoy feeling the wind in your hair as you zip across the lake in a powerboat or sea-doo, there are plenty of places to launch your boat or rent a water toy and experience the thrills of the water. If you like to experience the waters and rivers at a slower pace, the region is perfect for canoeing and kayaking, and with a number of outfitters in the region, you will find everything you need for one heck of a portage. Or, if you enjoy the sights and sounds of roaring waters, check out one of the many waterfall hikes that have made the region famous! 

Whatever your pace or whatever your passion, Muskoka delivers the perfect water adventures for you and your crew!

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