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2016 guide

Ice Climbing Adventures in Muskoka

Are you looking for fun and excitement this winter? Why not add some "chill" to your thrill? Ice climbing is a mountaineering sport that is popular on the west coast where glaciers make for challenging climbs in the Rockies, but did you know you can also try this sport in Muskoka?

The granite rock walls from the Canadian Shield off the perfect terrain for new or more experienced climbers to try their hand at ice climbing in Muskoka. Spectacular cliffs and rock ledges create natural ice falls that reach to ground below, offering over 100 feet of natural climbing.

Liv Outside in Bracebridge is the only company in Muskoka to offer this thrilling adventure, providing instruction and rentals for every skill level. Offering guided tours, Liv Outside makes it easy, enjoyable and accessible for everyone. Their guided tours range from Beginner, to Intermediate and Advanced, and their skilled and trained tour guides ensure your safety at all times. Liv Outside also offers ice climbing rentals at their discretion, based on experience.

For more information on this exciting adventure winter sport, visit Liv Outside's website.


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